Chimney Repair

The chimney is one of the most important parts of your fireplace, as it both helps feed the fire and take away the smoke and ash from the hearth. 

Over time, the elements wear down the structural integrity of the brick and mortar of your chimney which can prove disastrous, even allowing water to leak into your home. This can occur through the chimney crown or through the chimney itself.

River City Chimney & Hearth is available for all of your chimney repair needs, and are capable of even rebuilding your chimney if necessary.

Having problems? Call River City Chimney today to set up an appointment to have our certified technicians perform a detailed 34-point inspection of your fireplace and chimney.

Just as important as the outside, of course, is the inside of the chimney.


The smoke chamber, located just above the damper guides the smoke out from the flue and is a critical component of the chimney. 

Improper maintenance of the smoke chamber can be very dangerous and is a fire hazard. All surfaces within need to be parged smooth to help prevent any area for creosote to build up. 

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