Hailing from the Great White North (Canada), Jackson Grills was founded in 1999, and based out of Abbotsford, British Columbia. Best known for being a specialty manufacturer of quality barbecues, fire features and outdoor kitchen accessories.


Jackson Grills carries three lines of specialty grills, ranging in size from small portable grills to freestanding and built-in barbecues.


  • 3 Main Burners (15,000 BTU each)

  • Infrared Rotisserie Burner - 13,500 BTU

  • Total BTU - 58,500 BTU

  • 510 sq. in. Total Cooking Area

  • Flame Thrower Ignition System 

  • Battery Operated Rear Ignition

  • W 42" / D 24"

  • 105 lbs.


Boasting a variable grilling surface of 510 square inches and Jackson’s proprietary flame thrower ignition system that can get up to 15,000 BTU/burner, this is more than your standard barbecue grill. Featuring a cutting board, an LED grill light, and a rotisserie with infrared burner, this is an all-in-one grill station that’ll make your friends and neighbors green with envy.

Lux Series 550 - Cart Model

MSRP - $1189.99

Lux Series 700 - Cart Model

MSRP - $1489.99


  • 4 Main Burners (15,000 BTU each)

  • Infrared Rotisserie Burner - 13,500 BTU

  • Total BTU - 73,500 BTU

  • 692 sq. in. Total Cooking area

  • Flame Thrower Ignition System

  • Battery Operated Rear Ignition

  • W 61" / D 24"

  • 150 lbs



Grills are best measured by how much you can cook at once. Size is king, and the Lux 700 stands above the rest. With a variable grilling surface of 692 square inches, it’s designed to provide maximum cook space that will allow you to prepare a large quantity of meat (or other foods) all at once.


Got a party coming up? Not a problem. What else? How about a flame thrower ignition system that’ll get your 4 burners up to their limits of 15,000 BTU (EACH!), an LED grill light, AND a rotisserie that comes complete with its own infrared burner all in a polished stainless-steel package with a 5-year limited lifetime warranty? Enough said.


  • 50,000 BTU burner system with log set

  • Weatherproof and weather-guard lid

  • Stainless steel wind guard

  • 5' hose, regulator and valve

  • Operates up to 20 hours w/ 20lb tank 

  • Natural Gas Conversion Hose Option: Patio fire natural gas hose with inline control valve 

  • Log set can be changed out for glass: Fire glass is available in four different colours, Black Arctive, Blue Arctic, Slate Grey Arctic, White Arctic.

  • Rocks can also be added in with the fire glass

  • L:18.5"x W:18.5"x H:14.5"

  • 24 lbs. Assembled




For as long as man can remember, fire has provided the focal point for social gatherings. The same is true today. There are few things better than a nice summer evening with friends and family around a campfire. During dry weather however, some restrictions are often in place preventing campfires that use firewood. Save yourself the disappointment and embarrassment with a Jackson Grills Patio Fire! In addition to the light, warmth, and cozy comfort of a regular campfire; you also get total convenience

Patio Fire Pit

MSRP - $249.99


  • Mountain West Table (see below) - $449.99

  • Natural Gas Conv Kit - $88.99

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