How to Choose a Grill For Your Outdoor Kitchen

The spring and summer season for grilling and outdoor entertainment isn't here yet but soon will be, which makes now the perfect time to upgrade your equipment and look for accessories so when warm weather hits, you're ready for that first party.

Many products are available that can enhance your outdoor kitchen/grilling experience. Here's what to look for when choosing a grill for your outdoor kitchen.


What are you looking for in a grill? Smooth console? Seam-welded design? Go to your local

showroom to see what catches your eye and would look great in your outdoor space.

Remember to keep in mind functionality and how easy it will be to clean.


How many people do you grill for on a regular basis? How much room do you have in your outdoor space and what accessories are must haves for you?

Visit a local barbecue expert such as River City with the dimensions of your space and they'll help you design an outdoor kitchen that'll best suit you.

A good barbecue uses all the grilling surface (less hot/cold spots) so you may be able to get away with less.


This is important for the longevity of your outdoor kitchen. Because you are investing a lot in this area, it is important to choose the right product and one that will last.

You'll want to avoid having to replace a grill after a couple of years, so be sure to let your dealer know if you have a salt-water or chlorine pool nearby as you will want a 304 stainless steel grill that resists corrosion in that environment.

Warranty is also a key indicator to the longevity of the grill. Look for a grill with a 10-year (or longer) warranty and ask your dealer what the support is if you haven any problems. A good warranty is great if the manufacturer has parts.


What do you grill most often? Steak requires high heat to get the sear just right.

Do you grill vegetables? You may want variegated grill grates with closer spaces between the grates so you don't lose vegetables to the flames.

How about rotisserie grilling? Look for a grill with an infrared back burner so that you have consistent, high heat and are able to get that delicious crust that everyone loves while keeping everything moist.

If you do a lot of night grilling, be sure to look for lights that help make grilling easier.

Other features to consider: Look where the grease pan is and how easy the grill is to clean. Are burners easy to remove? It may not seem necessary when the grill is shiny and new, but once a few burgers are grilled on it, an easy-to-remove grease pan will make your life so much better.


This also depends on what you grill most often. Do you primarily cook burgers and steaks? Do you grill everything? Look for grills with no hot/cold spots and one that heats up quickly and can hold varying levels.

River City has a full line of grills, outdoor kitchens, and other barbecue accessories for all your needs!

Credit: Daily Non-Pariel, Feb 2019


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